Monday, December 26, 2011

Holiday Inspirations

One of the great things about creating new art is the inspiration that follows. My windows led to a gift commission and a one-of-a-kind for, well, a one-of-a-kind! I was asked to create a dog/person for a Christmas gift. Now, this is no ordinary dog. Evidently, Ginger the Golden Retriever has a shopping addiction. So, here she is, dressed for a day at the mall (high-end, of course) with a quick stop at PetsMart for some sustenance.

The other figure..the "one of a kind"... is the gift I made my mother. It's true, you know. Parents much prefer the things their children make them. And, evidently, that includes adult children, too. So, here she is, out for an afternoon of gathering at her favorite haunts. Only a few of us would know that she buys more bread and celery than most people would ever need!

Hope your holidays exceeded all expectations! Happy 2012!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I Do Windows, too...


I Do Windows...

If you're in Richmond, please take a stroll by the holiday windows at Dransfield's Jewelers in Shockoe Slip. If you're not, here are some pictures! Since photography is not my forte, I find that I can get some rather unintentional...but interesting...reflections of myself when trying to capture the windows. So, use your imaginations... place some amazing pieces of finely crafted jewelry around, pipe in a little seasonal music, turn the heat down and take a look...! The theme is "The Art of the Goldsmith". The art figures are clothed in paper creations- they all have angel wings and Dransfield's shopping bags- the tiny storefront is lit from within.

Wishing you all a heavenly shopping experience and a happy holiday season!

Thursday, October 20, 2011 did I put my glasses?

It's not often that I would ever invite anyone into my studio without profusely apologizing for the mess. Actually, it's not often that I would invite anyone into my studio, period! As a creative sort, it's an easy excuse to fall back on. "I'm in the middle of a gazillion projects...I don't have TIME to clean up!". Fact is, I am in the middle of a gazillion projects and I am oh-so-cramped for space. My bedroom studio is extremely "cozy" (isn't that how real estate agents describe small houses?!) Well, lucky me... my real estate holdings are about to expand!

My youngest son is happily working and having a life 2 hours away, in an apartment of his own and I have finally cleared out his room. It's the top floor of the house and it's PERFECT! Skylights, space, seclusion... I've hit the trifecta! I'm posting 2 pictures...the old space and the soon-to-be new space. If anyone sees my glasses in the "creative squalor", will you let me know?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Moving LA (without seismic tremors...)

Last year's LA Times Food and Wine Expo promotion. Andrew Wahlquist did an excellent job of animating my work! On my to-do list...learn how to do this myself!

MOAK 2012 Promotion

Long time, no blog! I've been busy...! I want to share a recent piece I did for MOAK ( ) Italian coffee for their 2012 promotion. The MOAK espresso cup is, well, not just a beautifully designed cup. It also exudes good luck. So great coffee aside, drinking from this little vessel will insure lots of good things in your life! (I have GOT to get myself one of those!)

You'll see that Adam (of Eden fame) has gotten one of these delightful little talismans and, much to Eve's chagrin, prefers it to her apple...

This was a really enjoyable piece to work on. The only sketch change I received was to ensure that Eve's locks were strategically placed so as not to require 2 additional fig leaves... c'mon! It's Europe!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Diesel T-Shirt

About a year and a half ago, we got a call from Diesel, the clothing company. They were interested in including my work among their artist designed, limited edition T-shirts. Here are the designs I sent them To see the one they chose, click here!