Thursday, October 20, 2011 did I put my glasses?

It's not often that I would ever invite anyone into my studio without profusely apologizing for the mess. Actually, it's not often that I would invite anyone into my studio, period! As a creative sort, it's an easy excuse to fall back on. "I'm in the middle of a gazillion projects...I don't have TIME to clean up!". Fact is, I am in the middle of a gazillion projects and I am oh-so-cramped for space. My bedroom studio is extremely "cozy" (isn't that how real estate agents describe small houses?!) Well, lucky me... my real estate holdings are about to expand!

My youngest son is happily working and having a life 2 hours away, in an apartment of his own and I have finally cleared out his room. It's the top floor of the house and it's PERFECT! Skylights, space, seclusion... I've hit the trifecta! I'm posting 2 pictures...the old space and the soon-to-be new space. If anyone sees my glasses in the "creative squalor", will you let me know?