Monday, December 26, 2011

Holiday Inspirations

One of the great things about creating new art is the inspiration that follows. My windows led to a gift commission and a one-of-a-kind for, well, a one-of-a-kind! I was asked to create a dog/person for a Christmas gift. Now, this is no ordinary dog. Evidently, Ginger the Golden Retriever has a shopping addiction. So, here she is, dressed for a day at the mall (high-end, of course) with a quick stop at PetsMart for some sustenance.

The other figure..the "one of a kind"... is the gift I made my mother. It's true, you know. Parents much prefer the things their children make them. And, evidently, that includes adult children, too. So, here she is, out for an afternoon of gathering at her favorite haunts. Only a few of us would know that she buys more bread and celery than most people would ever need!

Hope your holidays exceeded all expectations! Happy 2012!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I Do Windows, too...


I Do Windows...

If you're in Richmond, please take a stroll by the holiday windows at Dransfield's Jewelers in Shockoe Slip. If you're not, here are some pictures! Since photography is not my forte, I find that I can get some rather unintentional...but interesting...reflections of myself when trying to capture the windows. So, use your imaginations... place some amazing pieces of finely crafted jewelry around, pipe in a little seasonal music, turn the heat down and take a look...! The theme is "The Art of the Goldsmith". The art figures are clothed in paper creations- they all have angel wings and Dransfield's shopping bags- the tiny storefront is lit from within.

Wishing you all a heavenly shopping experience and a happy holiday season!