Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Each year since 2005, I've had the opportunity to work with The American Forest & Paper Association to create shadow-box awards for excellence in recycling. Since being a paper sculptor is a little like "hyper-recycling", it's a good fit! This year, the awards will go to a community, business, college/university and school who have had exceptional success promoting and practicing recycling efforts. I thought I'd share the process of creating these awards.These are my sketches for the finished awards. We felt a collage effect worked best to give each it's own theme.


My desk turns into a mini factory! Some of the imagery is the same in each award (hands, stars, background) so I create those elements at the same time.


I've always wished I were a
"tidy"artist! I'd like to think I just get carried away with the creative spirit...but, honestly, I'd rather make art than clean it up!

Ready To Go!

Four finished awards! Each piece is placed into a 9"x 11" mahogany-stained shadow box and will be presented at "Paper Week 2009", the annual conference for members of The American Forest & Paper Association. This year's theme? Sustainability and the Economy.